Call for Applications: Registration of Resource Persons for Paper Marking (SLIDA)

Call for Applications: Registration of Resource Persons for Paper Marking

 The Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) invites applications from qualified individuals to register as resource persons for paper marking. SLIDA holds a pivotal role in administering recruitment, promotion, and efficiency bar examinations across various government institutions, statutory bodies, and state enterprises. As we endeavor to broaden our capacities and coverage throughout the island, we encourage eligible candidates to apply and contribute to this essential process.

Closing Date 31 May 2024

Subject Areas

  1. Establishment Code
  2. Financial Regulations
  3. Law
  4. Economics
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Aptitude and intelligence test
  7. Computer science
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Mechanical drawing
  10. Language Proficiency -Sinhala
  11. Language Proficiency - English
  12. Mass Media
  13. Agriculture
  14. Project Management
  15. Water Resources Management
  16. Administration
  17. Procurement
  18. Management
  19. Social Science
  20. Public Policy
  21. General Knowledge
  22. Information Technology
  23. Draftsman
  24. Quantity surveying
  25. Language Proficiency -Tamil
  26. Video/Photography
  27. Environment Science
  28. Disaster Management

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be serving officers of the All Island Services.
  2. Candidates should have completed a minimum of five years of active and satisfactory service by May 31, 2024.
  3. Note: Retired officials from the All Island Services within the past five years preceding May 31, 2024, are also eligible to apply.

Interested individuals can submit their applications online through the provided link (https://forms.office.com/r/6b8PqhQUM2), or alternatively, download the application form from https://www.slida.lk/announcement. The deadline for application submissions is May 31, 2024.

For those opting to apply via mail, please send your applications to: The Director General, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration, No. 28/10, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Please indicate "Registration of Resource Persons for Paper Marking" on the top left corner of the envelope.

We eagerly anticipate receiving your applications.

Director General Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration Colombo - 07 May 8, 2024


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 Source - www.slida.lk