Exam Duty Application 2023 (Department of Examinations)

Establishment of a Pool of Resource Persons for Examination Duties of The Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka

Establishment of a Pool of Resource Persons for Examination Duties of The Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka

ශ්‍රී ලංකා විභාග  දෙපාර්තමෙන්තුවේ විභාග රාංකාරි සඳහා  සම්පත් පුද්ගලයින් බඳවාගැනීම සඳහා අයදුම්පත

இலங்கை பரீட்சைத் திணைக்களத்தின் பரீட்சைக் கடமைக்கான வளவாளர்களைப் பதிவுசெய்தல் 2023

Applications are called from Sri Lankan citizens to establish a pool of resource persons of the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka to receive assistance on examination duties. These duties will be related to the examinations excluding school examinations.

The resource persons will be recruited for following duties:

  • Test development and moderation
  • Question paper translation (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English/ Other)
  • Answer sheet evaluation/ marking
  • Evaluation and testing services which require professional assistance

Applications are accepted from Officers, Professors, Doctors, Lecturers and Teachers serving in Ministries, Departments, Universities, National Institute of Education, National Colleges of Education, Teachers’ Training Colleges, Technical Colleges, Schools as well as state and private institutions. Officers retired from these institutions also can apply.

Officers List Who Can Apply (Retired Persons also can apply)

  • Development Officer Service
  • Engineering Assistant Service
  • Legal Officer
  • Local Government Assistant Service
  • Management Services Officer Service
  • Other Teacher
  • Para Medical Service
  • Professions Supplimentary to Medicine
  • Provincial Information & Communication Technology service
  • Provincial Public Management Assistant Service
  • Provincial Revenue Service
  • Public Health Management Assistant Service
  • Registered Medical Service
  • Registrar Service
  • Sr Lanka Education Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Accountant Service
  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Agricultural Service
  • Sri Lanka Animal Production & Health Service
  • Sri Lanka Architecture Service
  • Sri Lanka Audit Examiner Service
  • Sri Lanka Audit Service
  • Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Service
  • Sri Lanka Custom Service
  • Sri Lanka Engineering Service
  • Sri Lanka Foreign Service
  • Sri Lanka Government Librarian Service
  • Sri Lanka Information Communication Technology Service
  • Sri Lanka Inland Revenue Service
  • Sri Lanka Judicial Service
  • Sri Lanka Medical Administration Service
  • Sri Lanka Medical Service
  • Sri Lanka Nursing Service
  • Sri Lanka Planning Service
  • Sri Lanka Principal Service
  • Sri Lanka Printing Service
  • Sri Lanka Scientific Service
  • Sri Lanka Survey Service
  • Sri Lanka Teacher Educational Service
  • Sri Lanka Teacher Service
  • Sri Lanka Teacher's Educated Service
  • Sri Lanka Technical Education Service
  • Sri Lanka Technical Service
  • Sri Lanka Valuation Service
  • Teacher Instructor Service
  • Translator Service
  • University Staff

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